Nouamane Tazi

Final year Master’s student in AI at University of Paris Saclay - CentraleSupélec


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Absolutely passionate about AI in all of its aspects. I am constantly learning and expanding my skills. While you are reading this, I am probably busy learning something new.

Seeking a 5+ months end-of-studies internship starting May 2022.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Design
  • Piano
  • Innovation.


  • Master's studies in AI, 2018 - now

    University of Paris Saclay - CentraleSupélec

  • Advanced mathematics, physics and engineering classes, 2016 - 2018

    Moulay Youssef Highschool (CPGE)

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Software Engineer


Aug 2020 – Feb 2021 San Francisco, CA
  • CI/CD Data Warehousing Setup, schema design and management of Azure. Built Azure pipelines to automatically build and test code projects, integrated with our Github repositories.
  • Chatbot Core service for all NLP systems at Flashbrand, currently used on the homepage with the support of a simple-to-use Dialog Managment UI. Worked on both *fine-tuning (RoBERTa and CamemBERT) and online serving.
  • Performance Dashboards Manager dashboards and employees surveying tools, which helped boosting employees' skills, engagement and performance. Developed the API and wrote the SQL queries for it.

ML Engineer

ANIMA - iWips

Jun 2020 – Aug 2020 Paris, France
  • Microservices Architecture Implemented Apache Kafka to read, process, and store streams of data coming for a multiplayer game, for better scalability, guaranteed reliability and fast performance.
  • Real-time Dashboard Developed multiple microservices to perform various model inferences (sentiment analysis, topic modeling..) on the players' conversation mid-game, summarized in a dashboard that analyzes the players' behaviour and skills.
  • Security & Load Balancing Secured players' audio capture using a HTTPS and SSL connection. Used Docker and Kubernetes for easy deployment and auto-scaling.

Data Scientist


Apr 2020 – Jun 2020 Paris, France
  • Machine Learning Used machine learning techniques to help predict the runway condition using aircraft braking data. (Our best model’s MAE is 0.01, and is currently being developed by SAFRAN’s team for better results)
  • Data Analysis Identified most prominent factors in runway condition with effective use of data to help SAFRAN take informed decisions.
  • Recommendation Designed dashboards and presentation decks to present key insights and actionable recommendations to clients.

ML Engineer


Feb 2020 – Apr 2020 Paris, France
  • Document Parsing Used several libraries, such as Tesseract OCR, to parse the various formats (pdf, docx, xlsx..) of documents existing in ALSTOM’s database, and integrated them with the rest of the processing pipeline.
  • Knowledge Graph Designed a knowledge graph, using state-of-the-art NLP techniques, that helps capture and structure the key entities, and easily access documents from a 20Gb+ database, currently used by 8000+ employees at ALSTOM.
  • Search Engine Created an internal search engine using Elasticsearch indexing, which uses filters and our structuration of the data, for an easier navigation in ALSTOM’s large databases.


Finalist in the BCG Gamma Data Challenge

Strategy project with a data science component in a fast-paced environment, where the goal is to forecast traffic in Paris.

HuggingFace Course Completion

See certificate

Finalist in the Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Application Hackathon (AI4IA)

Timeseries prediction using data extracted from a concrete industrial application.

Deep Learning Specialization

See certificate

Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng

See certificate

Earning the Vice-president of IT title in Maths&Maroc

Participating in a voluntary caravan around Morocco to motivate and encourage preparatory classes students on taking the french contests to the “Grandes écoles”

See certificate



HuggingFace Search Engine

A semantic search engine for HuggingFace using sentence-transformers

Arabic Speech Recognition

Fine-tuned Facebook’s XLS-R model to transcribe speech in Arabic.

Clinical NLP

Performing multiple NLP tasks (NER, Relation Extraction, NLI…) on a EHR database.

License Plates Detection

Fine-tuned Facebook’s DETR model to detect moroccan vehicules license plates.

Simulating Magnetic Bearings

Modeling complex magnetic bearings using deepxde for PINNs.

Paris Traffic Forecasting

Forecasting paris traffic using paris' opendata and Google’s TFT model

Cover Letter Generator

A cover letter generator featuring a fine-tuned T5-base model on a scraped cover letters database.

Website Monitor

A tool that helps you monitor a collection of websites using various metrics, built in Go.

Speech Insight

A real-time speech analyzing dashboard leveraging machine learning microservices built using Kafka, HuggingFace and Docker.

Search Engine

A search engine leveraging hierarchical clustering built using ElasticSearch, TF-IDF and Tesseract OCR.


A multiplayer drawing game built using NodeJS, Express and React Material-UI.

Autonomous Robot

Automated driving Robot with a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, a Pi Camera and an Ultrasonic Sensor.

Previous & Upcoming Talks

Hackathon Pitch

Pitching my work in the Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Application Hackathon.

Discovery Palace's talk

Presenting my researches to the public.

AMGE-Caravane Talks

Series of Talks done during the AMGE-Caravane’s north caravan in Morocco.